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    Gavazzi Tessuti Tecnici is a textile company established in 1885. It started out weaving precious silk yarns to produce sophisticated ribbons for the fashion and clothing industry. During the sixties, as a consequence of the closing down of several ribbon industries due to a drastic reduction in consumption, the company decided to diversify its production turning to the technical textile sector.
    A complex company reorganization brought about the creation of the TECHNICAL FABRICS DIVISION, at that time undoubtedly an innovative field. The task of this Division was to study the applications of fiber glass fabrics in several markets, products and technologies, part of which had already been developed in Northern Europe countries but were just at the onset in Italy.

    The market demand gradually increased and the existence of new necessities allowed the company to develop a large range of fiber glass fabrics, meshes and tapes which quickly became irreplaceable in different fields such as building, ceramics and marble industries, boatbuilding, electromechanics, reinforcements of resins and so on. At the onset of the twentyfirst century some highly specialized markets were requiring fabrics with improved technical characteristics to be used in the composites industry. This allowed Gavazzi Tessuti Tecnici to develop a new line of multiaxial fabrics under the name of Axir for the most sophisticated fields of boatbuilding, ballistics, wind energy and sport equipment industries.

    The continuous enlargement of the product and service range as well as of the production volumes required the establishment of new production sites in Northern Italy. Each plant is specialized on a given production cycle, such as weaving, coating, packaging and multiaxial production. Recently a new logistic department with a central Warehouse has been added to ensure a better service to the customer and to keep larger quantities at stock in order to shorten our lead time.